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A View Unlike Any Other

See Niagara Falls and the Great Gorge like never before!

Hornblower Niagara Cruises is bringing a piece of history back to the Niagara Gorge. In 1894, the Niagara Parks and River Railway opened the Clifton Incline Railway. Over the course of 90 years, the railway underwent a few ownerships and name changes.

In 2017, nearly 28 years since the original cars operated, Hornblower Niagara Cruises teamed up with Engineering and Design Companies AnCam of Oakville, Ontario to begin construction of two 50-passenger state-of-the-art funicular cars to operate along the Great Gorge. Much of the gorge including the strata walls and vegetation were not touched during the construction of the Funicular in order to preserve the flora and fauna.

Today, the modern Hornblower Niagara Funicular will transport passengers up and down the 18,000-year-old rock on the Great Gorge walls 185 feet – equal to the distance of nearly 19 stories on an angle. The temperature controlled glass-enclosed cars, feature audio commentary, priority seating and will give riders a panoramic unobstructed view of the Horseshoe and American Falls and convenient access to our Riverside Patio and boarding area. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure you don’t want to miss!

Hornblower Niagara Cruises Wave Grafik Niagarafälle Kanada

Was ist im Preis inbegriffen?

  • Convenient Transportation to/from our Riverside Patio and Boarding area
  • Comfortable Climate-controlled Funicular Cars
  • Incredible Views
  • Audio Commentary
  • Barrierefreiheit für Rollstuhlfahrer


Access to the Hornblower Niagara Funicular ($3 plus tax for Adults & Children; Free for Infants) is included when you purchase a Falls Fireworks Cruise ticket online.

Hours of Operation

The Funicular Booth and operations to transport guests down to the Riverside Patio and boarding area opens 30 minutes prior to the first sailing of the day and closes 15 minutes prior to the last sailing of the day.

DatesFunicular OpensFunicular Closes
November 1 - December 1
(Closing Date is Weather Permitting)
9:30 am3:45 pm

For details on our tours and cruises please visit our Schedule Page.

Did You Know?

The basic idea of a Funicular operation (sometimes referred to as an Incline Railway) is that two cars are always attached to each other by a cable, which runs through a pulley at the top of the slope. Counterbalancing of the two cars, with one going up and one going down, minimizes the energy needed to lift the car going up. Therefore, the Funicular are one of the most energy-efficient modes of transport out there.


Additional Information

  • All Funicular passengers and carry-on items will be subject to search.
  • Acceptable luggage/carry-on items include a purse, camera bag, small carry-on or backpack (with no wheels) or small to midsize infant stroller.
  • Any luggage item larger than 36cm (14”) x 23cm (9”) x 56cm (22”) is not permitted on Hornblower Niagara Cruises property.
  • Die Benutzung der Hornblower Niagara Standseilbahn unterliegt den normalen Betriebszeiten, der Verfügbarkeit und den Wetterbedingungen. Hornblower Niagara Cruises behält sich das Recht vor, nach eigenem Ermessen alternative Transportmittel zur Riverside Patio und zum Boarding-Bereich bereitzustellen. Für den Fall, dass die Hornblower Niagara Standseilbahn nicht zur Verfügung steht, wird keine Rückerstattung gewährt.
Hornblower Niagara Cruises Wave Grafik Niagarafälle Kanada

Erleben Sie Kanadas unvergesslichstes Erlebnis hautnah!

Segeln Sie unter den Sternen der Niagarafälle und beobachten Sie, wie die Funken über uns fliegen!

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